3.1. Bilingual education and curriculum integration .
3.2. CLIL models.
3.3 The CLIL quality Matrix (


THIS is one of the main references on CLIL in Europe. Take a look, paying special attention to the tab "CLIL Models" and the subpages it includes.
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Watch this 10' video of a maths lesson in a CLIL context (Spanish students with English as the target language) and share your opinions about the CLIL model(s) they are using, the presence of the "4Cs", the use of scaffolding etc. (you can use the "CLIL Pyramid provided as a reference when checking the different steps of the lesson).
After watching the video, try and answer questions like "Is there a topic clearly selected"? "Is the input appropriate"? etc.
Here is the video of the lesson:

And here a copy of slide 10 above with the "CLIL Pyramid"


You can present your work as a written text or a powerpoint presentation, a poster or whatever other tool of your choice. Just upload it on the appropriate place (under your flag) so we can all share and -hopefully- discuss your opinions.


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